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Chiavari chairs vs Tiffany chairs: What is the difference? Why are they popular? What are they made out of? Do they stack well for storage?

Chiavari and Tiffany chairs are an elegant and popular choice for all kinds of events. Especially weddings. Beautiful to look at and with many great qualities. It isn’t surprising that they continue to beat out the competition as many people’s first choice for their special day. But, if any, it can be tough to know what are the differences between them. Here we will look at Chiavari and Tiffany chairs. Let’s see some details and tips to help you see why they are so popular, and if they could be the right choice of chair for you.

What is the difference between Chiavari chairs vs Tiffany chairs? 

A Chiavari chair is a lightweight chair type with distinctive bamboo-style joints. These chairs are made from many different materials and in different colours and styles. Many people may use the names Chiavari and Tiffany synonymously when talking about this style of chair.

It is well-known that Tiffany and Chiavari are the same chairs. it was first made in 1807 by a cabinet maker in Chiavari, Italy, and named for the region. It was made to be light, elegant and classy. 

Tiffany chairs are irrefutably stylish and are so named for Tiffany, meaning ‘appearance of God’ or ‘manifestation of God’. Arguably, this name change came about due to their popularity as the chair of choice for weddings rather than from any great break or difference with Chiavari chairs.

Why are Chiavari chairs and Tiffany chairs popular?

There are many reasons why these chairs are such a popular choice for events. Their lightweight frames make them easier to transport and stack. Given that making them useful in places where they might have to be set out and taken away again. If you set a wedding in a marquee or other temporary venue, they can be easily moved while still maintaining the standards of the event.

They also come in a variety of colours and styles. You can go for a traditional wood like mahogany, or something more modern like clear or gold chairs made of acrylic or other materials. There are so many choices for you to pick from and you are sure to find something to suit your tastes and your celebration.

It must also be said that their popularity comes from their beautiful yet classic design. And they have become more visible and well-known in the last few decades. We see these chairs everywhere from weddings of famous and influential people like the Kennedys to the Oscars, which can make them more desirable for other events as well.

Aligning the decoration to suit your event is also easy. The backs are perfect for attaching balloons, sashes, and any other decorations you can think of to make your chairs look as beautiful as your event will surely be.

What are Chiavari chairs and Tiffany chairs made out of?

As aforementioned, Chiavari and Tiffany chairs can be made from several different materials depending on your own preferences and requirements:

With all these and more materials to find these chairs in, as well as the colours and finishes available as well, there is sure to be a chair out there to perfectly suit you and your wedding. For that and so many other occasions, Chiavari and Tiffany chairs are well suited to bring a level of elegance and style to your event so have a look at some of the options available today.

Do Chiavari chairs and Tiffany chairs stack well for storage?

One of the key benefits to Chiavari and Tiffany chairs, and another feature that surely accounts for their popularity, is how well they stack. Compared to other chairs that look half as nice, Chiavari and Tiffany chairs come out on top. You can comfortably stack upwards of 6-8 chairs in a stack without worrying about it coming back down, or even tipping and swaying in place.

The relatively small size of the chair as a whole means you can not only fit plenty of chairs in each stack but also more stacks in your storage area than with other larger chairs. If you are looking for the right chairs to be brought out and put away again easily then Chiavari and Tiffany chairs could well be the right ones for you.


Whether you are planning a wedding or some other event or just looking for the right kind of chairs to add elegance and style to any situation, look no further than Chiavari and Tiffany chairs. Lightweight, stackable, and available in an array of colours and materials, look and see if you can find the right fit for you, today.

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