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Here’s how to kill all rats at home, in the roof and outside with salt, coke, onions and more

How to kill all rats?

How to kill all of the rats in your home? Well, the most effective ways of getting rid of rats is traps. However, if you have an infestation, then you’ll need a number of traps, and dealing with all of them by yourself might not be the best approach. 

In any case, if you wish to try and execute the rats by yourself, then traps are the way to go. However, should you feel overwhelmed, you should definitely call for professional assistance. 

Killing rats with salt

Rats aren’t readily attracted to salt as too much of it will kill them. However, by mixing in more salt into snacks and treats that rats tend to go for, is a good way of killing them off with a poor diet. This isn’t the fastest or most effective approach, but it can indeed work. 

Do onions kill rats

Onions are poisonous to rats and when they consume them, they will suffocate from a lack of oxygen and ultimately die. However, like salt, rats aren’t readily attracted to onions so you may need to disguise your dice up onions with some peanut-butter or another irresistible snack. 

Killing rats with coke

There are many misconceptions when it comes to killing rats and coke is one of them. This is not an effective method. In fact, scattering coke (which is high in sugar) all over your home is a good way of attractive even more pests to your home. The last thing you need is a rat AND a cockroach problem, so skip this one altogether. 

How to kill rats at home?

When killing rats at home, traps are indeed the most effective way of dealing with them. For the best results, you’ll need snap traps, which kill rats instantly. And if you want to prevent other animals from getting into the traps then you should place them inside boxes and out of the way. 

How to kill roof rats?

What are roof rats? Well, they are often referred to as black rats, or ship rats, and are small rodents that got their name from seeking shelter in the higher parts of a building. Roof rats are a nuisance, can cause serious damage, and have even been known to cause house fires (through nesting and chewing through wires). You do not want these in your home! 

Getting rid of roof rats is simple enough, but keeping them out in the first place is what you really need to know: 

Best way to kill rat’s outside

Killing rats outside is simple enough. You can use electronic rat traps which are effective for trapping rodents outside. These use food ant baits to lure the rats into them and then the metal plate electrocutes them to death—practically instantly. 

How to humanely kill a rat

To be honest, there is no ‘humane’ way to kill a rat. It’s just something that we say to make ourselves feel better. However, there are definitely less inhuman ways of killing. For example, a snap trap will kill a rat instantly. This is advised if you want their deaths to be relatively painless. 

However, things like poison and glue boards (whilst fast and effective), might be seen as less humane. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preference. 

Just try not to worry. Rats are light-years away from extinction. It’s not as though you’re killing the last white rhino when ridding your home of rodents. 


Killing rats isn’t fun, nor is it nice. However, it is a necessity. If we didn’t control the number of rats living in our personal space, we would soon be overrun! The rate at which rats reproduce is staggering, so you should never feel bad for culling them from your home. The damage that they can cause to you and your family is simply not worth the risk! 

Of course, if you don’t feel too comfortable with exterminating the rats in your home, then there is a very simple solution. Hire a reputable company like SWAT Pest Control, and they can take care of the filthy rodent issue on your behalf! 

In any case, we hope that you have found this article useful. There are a few handy home-remedies that you can try. However, we always recommend using proper traps with the appropriate bait over anything else. 

Failing all that, a pest control expert can take all of the hard work and faffing around out of it. Don’t leave anything to chance and get those rats out of your home immediately!

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