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How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

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You may be new to maintaining your own pool or you may already have your own pool for quite some time but for some reason, you’re not maintaining it properly. Well, you’ve come to the right article. In this article, I will list some ways to maintain and to keep your swimming pool clean. You may find yourself doing some things wrongly but no worries, as long as you change how to maintain your pool now, everything will still run smoothly.

Maintaining a pool can take a long time and can be very tiring, but if you know what to do and how to do it, it will take much lesser time to maintain it.

Test Your Water

Before you start maintaining your pool, test the pool’s water. Ensure that it is in the correct range. Get a water testing kit and follow the instructions. The calcium hardness should be between 200 to 400ppm for it to be normal, adding carbonate dehydrate to raise it and sodium hexametaphosphate to lower it.

Next, test for the alkalinity of your pool. It should fall between 100 to 120ppm. Use baking soda to raise the alkalinity while using dry acid will lower the alkalinity of your pool.

Finally ensure that your swimming pool’s PH level is between 7.2 and 7.6. Adding liquid muriatic acid or sodium bisulphate can lower the PH level while adding soda ash can increase the PH level.

Ensure to test the pool water weekly and to make sure that all the above are in the normal range.

Cover Your Pool

If you are not using the pool, do remember to cover it. This will keep away any debris, dirt and leaves from falling into the water. If you do not cover your pool, make sure to clean and scoop up any debris or leaves that you see. Cleaning it up as soon as you see it will reduce the amount of work you have to do later.

Adding Chlorine

Chlorine is essential to keep your pool clean and healthy. The number of times to add chlorine depends on how much you use the pool and also the weather. Ensure that the chlorine level is below 3.0 ppm before you use it. If your pool starts to get green, treat it with super chlorinated shock treatment to get rid of algae and bacteria. It can also mean that you are not circulating your pool enough.

Change Your Pool Filter

Ensure that your pool filter is functioning well. The pool filter is important to keeping your pool clean. Make sure that you change the filter cartridges and ensure that your filtration system is working properly. If not, go to a pool supply store and buy new pool filters. There are many different pool filter available, consult a professional if you are not sure which one you should get.

Now that you know the various steps to keeping your swimming pool clean, I’m sure you will take lesser time to maintain your pool than before. It is important to maintain it constantly before it creates more problem.

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