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Is Green Tea Good For You? Is it Good For Weight Loss, Skin, Blood Pressure and More

Green tea is so much more than just a hydrating beverage that hipsters like to drink. In fact, there are a great number of benefits that come with drinking green tea (in moderation of course), which we are going to outline in this article. Let’s take a look…


Is green tea good for you?

Absolutely. Green tea is simply loaded with nutrients and various plant compounds that contribute to all manner of positive health effects.

These include antioxidants known as ‘catechins,’ which are known anti-carcinogens (they can help to fight and stave-off cancer).

In fact, there are a number of studies which demonstrate that people who drink green tea are much less likely to end up with any of the many forms of cancer, when compared to those who don’t drink it. Naturally, there are many other factors at play, but the evidence leads toward that green tea certainly doesn’t hurt in that respect.

In addition to that, there have been several other studies which show that green tea may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and/or heart disease.

Some of the other possible benefits of drinking green tea include boosted immune system support, improved brain functionality, better dental health and hygiene, a reduce risk of arthritis, and even Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

So, far so good, right? Now let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions around drinking green tea and the benefits of doing so…

Is green tea good for weight loss?

Good news for those of you who have put on a few pounds during the pandemic—which by the way, don’t worry if you have. Being locked down for weeks at a time took its toll on all of us. Carrying some extra timber as a result is nothing to be ashamed of.

In any case, drinking tea can help you burn some of the extra fat off. You see, the caffeine and catechins in the green tea has been seen to boost the metabolism and increase the rate at which you burn fat.

All in all, the studies point toward green tea helping you to burn an additional 75-100 calories per day. Every little helps, right? I mean, certainly, that does seem like a very low amount, but over a long period, it adds up—not to mention the other benefits on top!

Does green tea reduce belly fat?

It really does! Green tea can help you shed the pounds and melt away the unhealthy belly fat much more effectively. Green tea is filled with all-manner of antioxidants and nutrients that increase fat burning,

Of course, this is under the assumption that you are mindful of your diet and getting enough daily exercise. You should do at least 30 minutes of cardio every single day (which opens a whole other kettle of fish on health benefits, which we won’t go into today).

Is green tea good for skin and your skin complexion?

Yes, and it’s not just drinking it that helps (but the tea bags themselves). Green tea—as we have mentioned already—is rich in catechins. They’re a type of polyphenol that acts as a powerful antioxidant as well. These catechins aid in trapping de-activating any oxidants that might otherwise attack and irritate your skin.

Green tea can also help you with protecting and soothing your complexion. Simply use your teabags as normal, but don’t throw them in the bin. Hold onto them and then afterward, place them gently over your closed eyes (once they’ve cooled down of course!). With them resting on your eyes, it can really help to minimise the signs of aging, including those little dark bags under your eyes when you’ve had a late night!

Is green tea good for blood pressure?

Wait for it… and it’s another yes. Analysis from clinical research carried out indicates that green tea can and does indeed reduce blood pressure.

Again, this might not seem like a huge amount, but when it comes to something as crucial as blood pressure, those numbers are important.


Is green tea good for anxiety?

More good news, particularly for those of you who may suffer from or struggle with anxiety. Drinking green tea helps to reduce anxiety because it is high in L-theanine—which is an amino acid. A study found that students who drank green tea were experiencing consistently lower levels of stress as opposed to the students in the placebo group.

Not only that, but it’s nice to share a cup of green tea with a friend. If you have been having a particularly low time, you should never be afraid to reach out to friends and invite them over to chat. Often, the best cure for our anxieties is simply having someone to talk to. What better way of doing so than over a nice hot cup of delicious green tea?

Is green tea good for headaches?

Yes, and no…You see, green tea can indeed help to soothe the pain and discomfort from a headache. However, if you go ahead and drink too much green tea, then you may end up exacerbating the headache instead. This is the problem with drinking too much caffeine, so, be cautious if you’ve had quite a bit of tea and you begin to experience symptoms of discomfort.

Is green tea good for the kidneys and liver?

This is another one to approach with caution. Yes, green tea is filled with antioxidants that can help to detox your liver and kidneys (among other things). However, if you are drinking green tea to excess, then it can lead to liver and kidney damage.

It’s nothing to worry about though. You will know if you are drinking very large quantities of green tea. Several cups a day certainly isn’t going to hurt you.

So, as we can see, there have been a few potential negatives which all point to the same conclusion: don’t drink too much green tea. That’s not “don’t drink green tea,” it’s more of a “don’t drink 20 cups of green tea a day”. Moderation people! This means, since you will be savouring the delicious drink, you just as well and go ahead and invest in the highest quality green tea available.

Is green tea good for hair growth?

It is widely believed that green tea helps to support healthy hair growth and regrowth. That’s the EGCG which increases your hair growth by stimulating your hair follicles and preventing damage to the skin and hair cells on the scalp.

However, if you are a man suffering from hair loss, we’re sorry to say it, but we wouldn’t bother placing your final vestiges of hope in green tea. In fact, if we are all being honest, there is nothing that can prevent male pattern baldness. We can’t fight fate, right?


Green tea and diabetes (Prevention and Management)

Again, ‘there have been several other studies which show that green tea may lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and/or heart disease’. But, it’s not just about prevention. Green tea can actually be of benefit to those of you who may already be suffering from diabetes.

For those who unfortunately are, green tea can help you to keep your blood sugar levels managed properly. According to yet another study (they just love studying green tea, don’t they?), green tea consumption is associated with a noticeable decrease in fasting glucose levels, and A1C levels—including reduced insulin levels as well (which are, of course, a measurement used in diabetes health).

It certainly can’t hurt trying? A few cups of green tea a day might be a pleasant change that could offer you some relief.


Conclusion? Go On…Pop the Kettle On!

So, as you can see from all of the amazing benefits listed in this article, green tea is indeed a wonder drink. Not only is it refreshing and delicious, but it helps your mind, body, and soul in many other ways as well.

I mean, you can even drink a hot cup of green tea to cool down on a summer’s day! It sounds counter-productive, but you’ll just have to trust us that drinking hot beverages creates a chain reaction in your body that leads to it lowering its core temperature. Science, baby!

And, let’s be honest…there’s something really satisfying about pouring tea from a beautiful pot and sipping the delicious beverage from matching cups! All the more reason to invest in one of the many stunning teapots and teaware sets. Whether you are gifting them to a friend or sharing them with your guests at home, it makes the experience all the more special.


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