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The Benefits of Regular and Good Pool Pump Maintenance

Owning a pool is a great joy, but there is no denying the time and expense required to keep them in good working order. Routine maintenance is essential to prevent any serious faults occurring, but no matter how diligent we are there will always be times when a repair is needed.

Wear and tear is inevitable and certain mechanical parts only have a finite life span. This is especially true regarding water pumps and electrical motors. These parts can have extended working lives if properly looked after but there comes a time when it becomes more economical to update an aging pump for a new one.

Change Seals and Bearings As Part Of Your Pump Maintenance

Seals and bearing inevitably perish and this creates a greater draw on power to produce the same results as a more efficient pump. Ultimately this will cost the pool owner more as the inefficiency in power usage becomes a burden.

However, there are some things which can be done during the pump’s lifespan to prevent loss of power. One of the most important things a pool owner can do is to regularly change the pool filters. If neglected filters become clogged with debris and require pumps to work at unnecessarily high capacity.

Pump maintenance and repair companies can offer a selection of the most popular types including Davey and Onga brand pool filters. This simple maintenance routine can have dramatic effects on the efficiency of a pump and pool owners throughout Australia have seen fantastic results by implementing a regular filter change schedule.

A few tips to Keep Your Pump in good Order

Although cleaning pool filters is a necessary maintenance routine, it should not detract from a regular cleaning schedule. Less debris in the water results in less material being picked up by the filters, and a daily surface skim is the most practical way of removing potentially harmful materials.

Also, allowing family pets to use a pool is not an advisable practice. Pet hair is probably one of the worst offenders in the deterioration of pumps, and no matter how often a pool is cleaned, if pets are in the water there are likely to be future problems with the system.

Another potential problem is using water with a low PH balance. Acidic water will eventually have a negative effect on all metal rubber fittings in a pool. This eventually causes unsightly blemishes on metalwork which are difficult to disguise or remove.

Your Pump Components

Acidic water will also have negative effects on components of the pump as well.  Metal and rubber parts will start to deteriorate in such an environment and a replacement part may be required earlier than expected.

The best way to avoid this happening is to test the water’s acidic levels regularly. Ideally pool water should be around 7.5. If it is substantially lower it is advisable to treat the water with PH neutral chemical additive which can be purchased at most pool specialist stores or through online retailers.


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