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What Aged Care Services are Available in Australia?

It is an old adage that you should always respect your elders and rightly so. It is they who raise us, who have seen it all before and deserve to be repaid in their later lives for everything they have done before. As the average age of the population continues to rise so the dependency ratio increases. The mobility and general health of people who have reached retirement age is as varied as the individuals who make it up. Due to this there a wide range of services available to help care for the aged. Many aged care courses help to develop the people with the skills and compassion to look after those in need but what different options are there available out there for people?

Own Home Care

Many older people, rightly, do not wish to leave their own homes and have the right to remain if they so wish. However, they might need certain help to allow them to continue to do so. Simple tasks can become difficult for people for various reasons. Things such as housework, personal care and food preparation are all available through aged care workers. Services such as counselling services, nursing, social support and help with transport mobility are all available. A balance of independence and care will make the people in this situation feel happy that they can get on with as many things themselves as possible.

Aged Care Home

Sometimes it is better suited for an individual to move to an aged care home rather than remain in the home. If someone needs constant care and attention or would benefit from the company of others in similar situations, it can prove to be the better option. Through this, they will have their accommodation and furnishings, cleaning and maintenance all provided for them. Everyday activities such as bathing, going to the toilet, getting dressed and moving around can become so difficult that constant aid is required. As the homes are designed specifically for those in need, they can be much better suited to some people rather than staying in their own homes. Perhaps getting up and down the stairs or getting into small shower areas could do more harm than good. A home like this helps an older person in need to feel more comfortable and they can potentially help themselves more in these circumstances.

Transition Care

Sometimes people will be fine to go back to the regular in the near future but due to surgery or care in hospital they might need a period of respite. Sometimes it is unclear whether this will be the case or not but everyone involved isn’t sure what the best option will be yet so this transition care, or after-hospital care, provides a time period over which decisions can be made to see what is the best course of action. Physiotherapy, or different dietary requirements which need to be administered can be given in this type of care. The main benefit of this care is that it retains a person’s independence and the ability to return to a normal life after getting through a short-term time of dependency.

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