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What Are the Parts of a Blind and What Are the Names?

Blinds are a wonderful aesthetic addition to the home that can serve a number of useful functions. For one, they are essential for maintaining a certain level of privacy in the home; rather than having frosted windows installed in the bathroom, a set of blinds can be an affordable alternative. They’re also pretty handy when it comes to maintaining the sun’s glare and regulating the temperature of your home in the summer months.

Of course, as attractive as they are, any proud owner of blinds will be all too aware of how much of a nightmare they can be, should one of the parts break or go missing. When not maintained properly, a set of blinds can fast become the bane of your life. Have you ever pulled on the cord of your blinds, only for one side to slide up while the other remains stubborn and stationary, causing an infuriating slanted look? Yes, we can sense the anxiety as you read this!

Fortunately, issues like that are all too easy to avoid. All you need is to make sure that you have all of the necessary parts of a blind, functioning and working together. If you can stay on top of that, your awkward blind issues will be a thing of the past.

But what are the parts of a blind? And What are the window blinds parts names? In this article, we’ll take you through a variety of popular blind types and the parts that they are made up of.

Window blinds parts names

What are the parts of vertical blinds called?

Vertical blinds are typically made up of either vinyl, fabric, or wood panels that hang up and down. These panels (or vanes), tilt open and closed, as well as pull from side to side.

The most common repair issues: Repairing the vane hole with vane savers, replacing the valance clips, and replacing the wand (tilt mechanism).

Vertical blinds parts names

Here are the names of all of the parts that make up vertical blinds:

What are the parts of a Venetian blind?

The Venetian blind consists of 2-inch to 3-inch horizontal wooden slats that stack at the top of the window. These slats can also be made of aluminium or vinyl.

The most common repair issues: Typically, the tilt mechanism is the most commonly replaced item. You may also need the lift cord replacing, the cord stock, bottom button, and ladder replacement.

Venetian blinds parts names

Here are the names of all of the parts that make up Venetian blinds:

What are the parts of a roman blind?

Roman shades are stunning fabric shades that fold when they are raised or lowered. They can appear to be either flat or looped when in the down position.

The most common repair issues: Again, the lift cord is the most common replacement. You may also need to work on the cord lock, cord loop, and clutch replacement.

Roman blinds parts names

Here are the names of all of the parts that make up Roman blinds:

What are the parts of a Roller blind?

Roller blinds are typically flat fabric blinds that roll up on a tube or dowel. They can also be made using vinyl or screen material.

Roller blinds parts names

The most common repair issues: The cord or chain is the most common replacement item, alongside the clutch and tensioner.



As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts that make up a set of blinds. This is why a set of blinds can sometimes easily break or stop functioning optimally. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are broken and need throwing out though! Generally, all that needs to happen is a quick and easy replacement of one or more parts. That’s the thing, you should look at a set of blinds as a machine, as opposed to a linear object. Should one part of the machine fail, the blinds will stop working as intended. Yet another reason why you should handle them with care when opening and closing your blinds.

Understandably, after having read all of the parts that make up the various blind types, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed as to what each individual part does. If you find yourself in need of advice, or indeed, some new parts for your blinds, we would recommend finding reputable blinds parts suppliers. That way, you can restore your blinds back to their original form and keep them functioning effortlessly (rather than going ahead and tearing them down in frustration).


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