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Do You Have Electrical Problems in Your House?

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An Unnecessary and Avoidable risk

How hard can it be?  Brown to brown, blue to blue, green to … somewhere.  We all know a bit about electrics, or at least we should considering how much we rely on the technology.  But unfortunately we don’t, and unfortunately quite a few of us still feel confident enough to tackle electrical maintenance tasks that we really shouldn’t even be thinking about.

The truth is professional electricians must spend years becoming competent in their trade.  Nobody gains this technical ability overnight. So why do so many people believe it can be mastered one Sunday afternoon with a copy of Idiot’s Guide to Wiring?

Tragically this Do-It-Yourself attitude towards such a lethal subject has been the cause of many fatalities and serious injuries over the years. According to ABC News there are an estimated 15 fatalities and 300 injuries requiring hospital treatment each year throughout Australia. Most of these deaths and injuries could have been avoided if a competent electrician had been called, but sadly the effects of not contacting a professional are all too common across the country.

A Thoughtful Future

 However, attitudes are slowly changing. High profile TV safety campaigns have had success in bringing home the horrific consequences of DIY wiring, and many homeowners are reluctant to tinker with unknown powers especially if children are living in the property.

Also, with the increasing technical sophistication of the average Australian home, once seemingly straightforward tasks now appear to be frustratingly complex. So much so that the possibility of doing more damage than good is a very real prospect, and one that may dissuade many homeowners from attempting a patch up repair.

A Safer Attitude

Fortunately, the attitudes of Australians today are becoming more safety conscious. Homeowners and business owners are resigned to the fact that they must use an electrician’s services even if the fault appears a minor one.

The government has introduced strong legislation over the years regarding safety at work, and there are strict penalties for business owners who do not conform to these standards. The number of fatalities in the workplace has dropped significantly in modern times mainly due to this legislation, and for a time, there seemed to be a discrepancy between workplace injuries and household injuries.

However, that has since been addressed and now all private property sales are required by law to have a qualified electrician inspect and approve a home’s electrical system before it can be legally sold.

These standards are recognised in many countries throughout the world and have been universally applauded by safety groups. There will always be an inherent danger when dealing with such a powerful force of nature, but the improvements which have been made in recent years have ensured it is safer than ever before to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful technology.

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