Do you love writing?  Or have insight about health, sport, and lifestyle topics? If you do, at Marchwithus, we encourage you to write for us, our guest posting can get you a new target audience. Our target is to impart knowledge to and influence our readers. As well as inspire local businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.

Principle guideline for our guest posting

If you are interested to write with us, make sure you follow our principles below before you start researching and crafting the content.

  • Unique – beware that we will publish only unpublished content. Any previously posted articles will be rejected. We do care about the internet free of duplication. But we are open to remove your content if it will be published on other websites.
  • Well-written – make sure you craft your article with correct grammar structures. Also note that researching is a must, we respect our readers and don’t want them to feel it was a waste of time reading on our website.
  • Relevant – though we stated that our website is about health, sport, and lifestyle. Some of these has a wide range of conversation covered. If you aren’t sure about the topic feel free to reach out to us! Or not? You will fill in the form below anyway. 🤷‍♂️
  • Data-support – use anything you feel it’s needed, explanation, example, or citing. Raising case studies would give you a huge bonus!
  • Stay positive – try avoiding the offensive topic or any negative comments to other websites or people. You can use your promotional link as long as we feel it’s not too pushy and reasonable.
  • Formatting – to be a reader-friendly website, we don’t want any article to be too short or too long, 800 – 3,000 words should do. In the article, each paragraph shouldn’t contain more than 4 sentences and each sentence shouldn’t be longer than 20 words. Title, H1, and H2’s and meta description are also a must, separating paragraphs to make them as easy to read as possible.
  • Adding links – in order to cite in the article, the outbound link is highly recommended to back your arguments. But using it too much, the search engine will treat the article, or the entire website, as spam. The result? it will not show our site in the search result pages (SERPs) at all. Therefore, no more than 5 outbound links to authoritative websites on the subject matter. We have permission to remove the links if they affect our blog authority or are unrelated to the article. If you have any questions about links please ask before submitting your content.

What kind of guest post we won’t accept?

  • Sensitive & illegal –  we know some of your articles might be very interesting. We can allow some if we can get along and can link to one of the existing articles on our site. But in most of the cases, we don’t do illegal subjects like drugs or gamble matters here.
  • Obvious and no-impact – we expect you to be better than e.g. “can work out at home equal to work out at the gym?”, “Is hiring a personal trainer better than working out yourself?”
  • Too vague – if your article is not telling the same story as the topic tells, only explanation/example and no clear argument then we are likely to advise you to rewrite and submit again.

We are not embracing only the best in the field, if you are, it would be great if you join us, but if you feel you are just an average guy who likes to share stories, you are more than welcome. We are primarily looking for fresh and distinctive ideas, our team will stand by anytime you need a hand. You love to write, you know what you are doing, that’ll be enough. Rejecting is highly likely to not happen, we will rather be pointing out where you can improve to match our existing content. 

If you would like to write for us or discuss a possible topic, fill out the form below, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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