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How to Reduce the Causes of Skin Damage

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There has been a raised awareness throughout society as to the damage that the sun can do to us. Whilst we need sunlight because we need to take in a certain amount of vitamin D, if we damage our skin it can lead to serious health problems. Skin cancer is far too common in the world and it can often be prevented by just doing a few sensible things in life. Part of the issue seems to be that whilst people’s awareness of the associated problems have been increased the necessary actions or lifestyle changes have not. It seems crazy to think that people are putting themselves at such risk for the sake of just a sun tan! So what should we be doing to reduce the chances of developing skin cancer?


The clothes which we wear are our skin’s shield against the harmful rays of sun. Therefore it goes without saying that if you are not wearing anything on a certain part of your body you are leaving it to the sun’s mercy. So simply wear clothes when you are out in the sun; stop going topless or wearing next to nothing for long periods of time in the sunshine – especially the midday sun. Obviously there are times when you might want to go without an item of clothing on for a short period of time but that is why you should be wearing sun cream too.

Sun Cream

You should always be wearing sun cream when you are out in the sun. People often think they don’t need it but they are foolish to think so. Apply it across your whole body and use plenty of it. You must use at least factor 15 too. Sun cream blocks out two different types of radiation namely UVA and UCB. Both of these can cause skin cancer. You should get somebody to apply the cream for you so that you can be sure to have properly covered your body. The back particularly is nigh on impossible to treat with sun cream by one’s self.

Keep Shaded

You don’t have to sit directly exposed to the sunlight to enjoy it! In fact you shouldn’t be sitting unprotected by some form of shade at all. You must wear a hat whenever possible or keep yourself underneath some sort of cover. For example, if you are sitting out on a patio you need a parasol or awnings to keep you out of the sun. Companies such can install awnings for you so there’s not even any hassle involved. You will then still receive the warmth of the sun but you won’t be simply cooking beneath it and inviting all the harmful radiation straight onto your skin.


Now this is probably slightly less well known but the food you eat can seriously affect the potential of skin damage. Food which is of benefit in terms of protection includes omega 3 rich fish, dark chocolate, greens, green tea and red or orange fruit and vegetables. You should realistically be eating these anyway but if you are not you are stopping your body protect itself.


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