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Feeling Secure at Home During Your Retirement Years

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Feeling safe and secure in your property becomes an even greater concern for people who are approaching or have reached their retirement. If you are planning to go away on regular vacations after retiring, then you will want to leave your home safe in the knowledge that it is protected from break ins. Being left vacant for longer periods of time will make it more likely to be targeted.

Even if you do not plan to spend too much more time away from the home you will undoubtedly want to ensure that you feel totally protected whilst you are in it and that all of your possessions are secure. There are several options to consider if you want to give yourself some added reassurances.

Retirement Villages

Living in a retirement village is one of the simplest ways of feeling safe and secure after having retired. You will usually have a direct emergency contact line in your property to local on-site security. You can still live completely independently if this is your preference but you will be able to enjoy the additional protection of living in such an environment. But what about if you want to stay in your own home? What additional security measures could you take?

Alarm System

You should seriously consider having a high-quality burglar alarm fitted in your home if you have not done so already. They are one of the most effective ways of discouraging a robber. However, one thing you must not do is have a sticker in your window displaying what alarm system you have got. This is such a common mistake and many people believe that doing so acts as a deterrent. Instead all you are doing is providing a burglar with the information to potentially help them deactivate it or at least not trigger it. Have some form of generic alarm sticker on display so that people are made aware that you have one installed but not exactly what it is.

Exterior Lighting

Another thing which you should do to discourage any would be intruders is remove the opportunity for people to conceal themselves near your property. You should have exterior lighting installed or even motion sensor lighting to light up any darker areas around your home. Also consider removing any large trees or shrubs around the doors and windows. By eliminating these places to hide you will make your home a less attractive target due to the difficulty to approach it unobserved.

Reinforced Windows

Any windows including small glass panes around doorways are the easiest point of access for a burglar. Even if you have other security measures installed such as an alarm you can still fall victim to crimes of opportunity. You need to keep your windows as protected as possible so you should have them reinforced or have security screens fitted to them. Protective films can also be applied to glass panes which will grant another layer of protection and help reduce the possibilities of shattering. Also look at the quality of the locks on your windows and consider having these upgraded too.

Security Doors

A standard door lock is simple for many criminals to bypass so you should consider upgrading the doors. You can either replace them entirely with reinforced ones complete with higher quality locking mechanisms or fit security screen doors.

These will provide an additional metal grille which can be closed independently of the main door. Security screen doors are perfect for those sunny days when you want to let the fresh air into the house whilst you relax in the garden without having to worry about leaving yourself prone to burglary.


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