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Finding a Designer Wedding Dress at a Reasonable Price

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Wedding season is coming, we all picture our wedding day to be like fairy tales. Having beautiful princess-like wedding dress flowing behind. A dress that make them look gorgeous on their special day.

A wedding gown can be so expensive that can eat your wedding budget. Remember that you are not only paying for a dress on your wedding. But there are many lists waiting for you to pay like location, bridesmaids, food and drinks for your guests.

Spending wisely on wedding dress can help to save much money on your pocket. Here are tips to find a beautiful wedding dress at a reasonable price.

Dress on Sales

Bridal salons usually have a couple of sales season a year. Do not imagine that you have to fight with group of brides-to-be to have a gown. But most salons require appointment

during the sales season. Ask your local salons about upcoming sales and wait for that time.

Secondhand Dress

Because wedding dress is usually used once, give second hand dress a chance. Even it is a secondhand dress it can look new with a professional cleaning. Nobody will notice.

Moreover, you can have a chance of owning high-end dress with affordable price.

Blush-Colored Wedding Dress

Other than white gown, colored dresses are trendy in Spring 2016 Bridal Fashion Week! Most people are looking for wearing clear white wedding dress but some look better in other colors. Blush-tone color like pink and rose can be seen all over the runways in the fashion week.

Also taupe, nude and silver tone is popular in this season.

Bridal in Suite

Want to look cooler on your wedding day? Try a bridal suite. The bridal suite is trendy in 2016. It makes you look cooler and give your wedding day more casual.

You do not need to spend more money to have a bridal dress. A suite is cheaper and can be useful in the future.

Vintage Bridal

Do you know that many high-end brands come out with Victorian wedding dress in this year? Wearing vintage wedding dress is not only make you look chic but also save the cost. Mostly, vintage wedding dress will be sold at a cheaper price. You can find online or from your grandmother’s closet and rock it on your wedding day.

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