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Unusual Sports to Keep You Fit

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Finding new and interesting ways to keep fit can be both easy due to the sheer wealth of choice but equally quite difficult as deciding what takes your fancy can be overwhelming. In addition to this, it is advisable to be fully researched and be sure of what it is you want to commit to as there are normally associated costs with any new past time, particularly a sport. You will need to invest in all of the relevant equipment as well as finding the places to be able to take part in the sport whatever you choose to do. Here are some suggestions to help you to consider some less common sports but which will help you to stay fit and healthy whilst granting you the interest of exploring a new discipline and totally different type of sport.

White Water Rafting

Known widely as an extreme adventure sport this past time is usually more associated with adrenaline junkies. However, it doesn’t need to be limited solely to these sorts of thrill seekers. It doesn’t always have to be done in huge rivers in the middle of nowhere and there are even numerous indoor facilities available. The benefits of doing any sort of rafting are that it will build up your upper body strength and your cardio whilst you get to work closely as a team. Often group sports can be highly beneficial to building up fitness as people have one another to help keep up commitment and morale. Combine this with the fact it is a really exciting sport to do and you really should think about giving it a go.

Disc Golf

If you are looking for something a bit more sedate but still unusual and exciting to play, then you should try out disc golf. Perhaps the idea of golf appeals to you but the clientele who play it are not your cup of tea. You will find that it attracts a much younger crowd whilst being an awful lot cheaper too. More and more of these places are popping up and the premise is basically to play golf but rather than using a ball and small hole you are using a disc which is very much akin to a Frisbee and you have to get it into a chain net. This can be a great afternoon out with friends or something you could get into more actively.


Whilst kendo is very popular in Japan it is not as well known outside of the Land of the Rising Sun. Many of us are familiar with the armour, also known as bogu sets, but beyond that it hasn’t had much promotion or advertising. Most films which feature martial arts do not feature any aspects of kendo at all but it is something you should consider taking up as once the equipment has been bought you will have little to no expenses to make bar paying for lessons. It could be compared to fencing in certain ways as the idea is to strike the opponent with a blunted weapon. It is fantastic for boosting people’s focus, balance and coordination and will certainly help you to build up your core.

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