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What Is the Average Cost to Paint a House, Is The Exterior Price More Than Interior?

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Are you thinking about having your house repainted in Australia? If so, you are likely wondering how much it is going to set you back. In this article, we will take you through the average costs for a house repainting job in Australia and what factors influence the price. We will also look at which costs more: the exterior or interior of a house, and why.

To get started, let’s look at the averages quoted for standard house painting jobs in Australia. Generally speaking, you are looking at $40 an hour, excluding the cost of paint and materials. For simpler work, you can look at an average of $35 an hour, coming up to $45 an hour and higher for the more complex painting work.

Cost to paint a house

What does it cost to paint a house? It can be rather difficult to give you a completely accurate quote on a house painting job as there are many factors at play. In any case, here are some figures which can allow you to make your own estimations:

Avg cost per room $250 – $400
Avg cost per square foot $10 – $60
Avg cost per hour $35 – $45
Avg cost per day $280 – $360
Avg cost of exterior house $3,500
Avg cost of interior 3-bedroom house $6,500

How much does it cost to paint a room?

The average cost for house painting per room is in the region of $250 and $400, including the cost of the paint itself and all other materials.

Generally speaking, the average cost of a room will drop if there are more rooms required for a single job. For example, if you want a 5-bedroom house painting, then all of the rooms will have a lower ‘per room’ cost as opposed to a job where only 2 rooms are required.

Professional house painters are always very reasonable so simply shop around and contact a few reputable suppliers in order to find out who can offer you the best deals!

The average price to paint a house in Australia

What is the average price to paint a house in Australia? Before you figure that out, first you must consider the scale of the job. Are you having the entirety of your home repainted? Is it only the exterior? Do you want the entire interior painting or is it only a partial job? How big is your home compared to the average house in Australia? Using this information, coupled with the average figures listed in the table above, you should be able to land on a relatively accurate estimation.

What are the other differentiating factors that can influence the overall cost of a house painting project?

  • Consider the size of a paintable surface (which isn’t the same as the room’s overall square footage)
  • The required amount of paint, its quality, and the price
  • The gloss type for your chosen colour
  • The overall condition and texture of the paintable walls
  • The time and labour required to get the job finished
  • Whether or not you are painting one room only, multiple rooms, the entire house, and many other differentiating factors


Cost to paint the interior of a house

What is the cost to paint the interior of a house? The cost to paint inside of house varies, but the average cost per square metre in Australia is somewhere in the region of $10 and $30 AUD (between $1 and $3 per square foot).

Take a look at some of the things that a professional painter will take into account when they are preparing a quote for the interior of your home:

  • How many windows and doors are there in the room in question
  • What sizes are they?
  • How high is the ceiling?
  • Do you want a feature wall or any other form of decorative painting?
  • Would you like multiple colours or just one?

Cost to paint the exterior of a house

What is the cost to paint the exterior of a house? The cost to paint the exterior of a house varies, but the average cost per square metre in Australia is somewhere in the region of $12 and $60 AUD (between $1.2 – $6 per square foot).

Take a look at some of the things that a professional painter will take into account when they are preparing a quote for the exterior of your home:

  • Is your house easily accessible?
  • How many stories are there (i.e., the overall height of your property)?
  • What type of surface needs to be painted?
  • How much in the way of preparation is required?
  • Is it necessary to remove any old paint prior to starting?
  • Do you require any decorative elements (e.g., fascia, window trims, etc)?

As you can see, exterior house painting costs more in general. This is typically due to the risk factor involved. Painting the exterior of the house requires climbing ladders to reach dangerous heights, whilst also competing with external factors such as the weather.


Is House Painting a Good Investment?

Simply put, yes. Painting your house is certainly a good investment. When you consider that an exterior paint job can cost as little as $3000 (up to $15k depending on the size and complexity of the job), the return on investment can be incredibly attractive.

Let’s say that your home is valued at $600,000. You can make between $30,000 and $60,000 (between 5 and 10%) profit when you sell up. The increased value will increase in conjunction with the value for your home.

The fact is, most buyers want to invest in a home that they can see themselves in. Sure, some people like a ‘doer-upper’, but most people want as little work as possible. This means that an attractive house with a beautiful renovation will attract the right buyers. If your interior and exterior are both immaculate, then buyers who want to genuinely live in your home will be much more likely to make you an offer.



In conclusion, the cost of a house painting project will be between $35 and $45 an hour. Of course, as mentioned above, there are many factors that will be taken into consideration. Thus, if you want an accurate estimation, you should contact reputable companies like Platinum 3 Painting and deal with them directly. That way you can collect a few quotations and make an informed decision from there. Follow this link if you are planning on decorating on a budget.

Good luck!

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