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What is the Best Grass for Sydney?

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Are you wanting to invest in some new turf for your lawn, but you’re not quite sure as to which grass type is best? Then don’t worry because you’re certainly not alone. There are countless grass types on the market that can make it difficult to settle on the perfect type for you.

Int his article, we’re going to list some of the best grass types for Sydney’s climate, which ranges significantly through the reasons, from hot and humid, to wet and cold. Thus, you’ll need a durable and flexible grass type to thrive in all weather conditions.

But where to begin? Well, when choosing a lawn type for your yard, you need to assess the amount of water, shade, and sun that the area will invariably receive throughout the year. Based on those characteristics that you define; you will want your lawn to meet those requirements. Sydney as a wide variety of suitable grasses, from Buffalo, Kikuyu, Couch, and Zoysia.

Buffalo Grass Types for Sydney’s Climate

When asked “what is the best Grass for Sydney?” Buffalo grasses sprang to mind. They are an excellent choice because they are convenient, comfortable, and especially easy to maintain. These are an ideal choice for Sydney and NSW’s backyards. Buffalo grass is adept at surviving in varying seasonal conditions. But what features make this grass type so versatile?

  • A buffalo turf has self-repairing qualities which makes it suitable for high-traffic situations, for example, a family home with a busy yard.
  • Buffalo has hard-wearing characteristics, including a deep root system that promoted fast growth and runners that allow quick recovery from wear.
  • The deep root systems of Buffalo grasses also make for an efficient water user and allows the grass to remain greener for longer despite dry conditions.
  • Buffalo grass is also reputable for recovering quickly and thoroughly once drought and water restrictions have ended and the weather balances out again.

Village Green Kikuyu Turf

A Village Green Kikuyu Turf is yet another variety in the growing family of Male Sterile Kikuyu grasses. This is a specially designed strain that has new characteristics that are a vast improvement on older styles. But what makes it so good for the climate in Sydney?

  • Village green has superior colour throughout the winter months. It can hold its colour at a better rate than traditional Kikuyu.
  • This turf variety has a greater sward density on the upper turf, including stolons and leaf material. This improved density helps significantly toward keeping weed invasion to a minimum.
  • The sterile nature of Village Green is not so much a survival benefit in Sydney’s climate, but it does make for being a good neighbour, as previous strains of Kikuyu Green would escape into other lawns.
  • Village Green has been bred to have a larger underground root system, including higher levels of Rhizomes. These are essentially underground runners, making them more drought-tolerant, meaning that the lawn requires less water in order to keep happy and healthy. In addition to that, the greater depth and quantity of rhizomes means that the grass is much better at recovering from drought as well.
  • Village Green does not perform quite so well in higher shade levels. It loves the full sun, as is a common trait in the Kikuyu family, so you should consider that if you have plenty of shaded areas in your yard.

Zoysia Turf Types for Sydney’s Climate

Zoysia grass is an attractive, drought and wears tolerant grass that is fairly new to the NSW yard and landscape arena.

For those who want a lawn that requires less mowing and maintenance, is hardwearing and boasts an eye-catching dark green colour, the Zoysia is an excellent option!

This is a popular grass type that is deep-rooted, has an underground runner system that allows the turf to endure comfortably in extreme climates, including harsh heat, and sub-zero temperatures. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for surviving Sydney’s varying seasonal conditions.

  • Zoysia lawn is renowned for being soft underfoot and has no chance of irritating or scratching your skin (great for families with young children who love to run around)
  • Zoysia is a slow-growing lawn which again, is ideal for those who aren’t a big fan of mowing regularly.
  • Slow growth also means that it is much easier to manage the potential invasion of surrounding garden beds.


Conclusion: What is the Best Grass for Sydney?

To answer, “what is the best grass for Sydney?” the simple response is that there are a number of incredibly viable options. Instead, you need to find the best possible grass variety for your needs and requirements. Find the suitable strains and then identify which features fit best with your lifestyle.

If you’d like more information, or if you are on the lookout for quality turf suppliers in Sydney, simply follow the link for a Google search.

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