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Which is Better, an Aluminium or Galvanised Trailer?

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Are you in the process of buying a new trailer and wondering which material is going to best serve your needs and requirements? Most traditional trailers are made out of steel because it is cheap and strong, but is it really going to be the best option for you in the long run? Remember, cheap isn’t always best, especially when it comes to such an important investment as buying a trailer—one which is going to be doing an awful lot of heavy lifting in all manner of weather conditions.

Let’s look at the difference between aluminium and galvanised steel trailers so that you can decide which is best for you.

Aluminium is Lighter Than Steel

It is important to note that aluminium is lighter than steel, and not just be a little bit. There is a significant difference in weight which is an important characteristic when buying a trailer. But why? What difference does it make what a trailer weights when its main job is to be carrying weight?

Let’s take a look at what having a lighter trailer means:

You’ll Have a Greater Towing Capacity

Of course, every towing vehicle is going to have a maximum capacity that it can pull. Thus, if you have a heavy steel trailer, then it is going to use up much of that capacity by itself. On the other hand, if you have an aluminium trailer, you’ll have a significant amount more towing capacity to deal with. This means that you can get away with heavier loads, which makes all the difference.

Better Hydraulic Lift Performance

An hydraulic lift made out of aluminium can easily handle a higher cargo capacity and the hydraulic mechanism will not need to life as much platform weight which is a huge benefit indeed, especially over the long-term.

Not as Much Wear on the Towing Vehicle Itself

The towing vehicle is going to have significantly less strain put on it by an aluminium trailer, compared to a galvanised steel trailer with the same cargo. This means that your vehicle will not only require less maintenance in the long-term, but it will last longer and arguably get more miles to the gallon.

Aluminium Will Not Rust

Steel has to be treated regularly in order for it to be resistant to rust, whereas aluminium has a natural resistance once it has been spun. This is a significant benefit, especially if you operate in areas that make your trailer dirty, or salty.

Aluminium is Easier to Work With

With such heavy lifting, there are always accidents that happen, and trailer get damaged and dented along the way. The great thing about working with aluminium is that it is much more malleable than steel and can be easily fixed. A steel trailer on the other hand will requires grinding before any welding that can be done and the exposed spot will be much more likely to rust as it will no longer be galvanised.

Aluminium Can be as Strong as Steel

Provided the aluminium trailer is build correctly, it can be as strong as (if not stronger) than steel. With the right thickness and design, with premium quality welding, you can have an incredibly durable trailer that will rival any regular galvanised steel trailer.

Aluminium Trailers are Low Maintenance

Custom aluminium trailers for reputable suppliers are so much easier to work with. Things like premium axes and suspensions make them much more robust than your average aluminium or galvanised steel trailer. Thus, it is always important to choose the right supplier, such as SureWeld’s Aluminium Trailers as an example.

Aluminium Trailers have Great Resale Value

Whether you wish to keep your aluminium trailer for the long term, or you plan to sell it at some point, having a quality aluminium trailer will keep its value. This offers great peace of mind when it comes to making such an investment, as it is nice to know that when you no longer need it, it can go to a good home, and continue to outperform lesser trailers whilst fetching you a decent enough resale price.

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