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What you should know Before Booking a wedding DJ

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Next to the wedding ceremony, your wedding reception is the biggest part of your wedding day and aside from the food and drink, the most important part of your wedding reception is the music. Finding a DJ for your reception is probably going to be a bit more complicated but a lot more important decision than you may think.

Tips for finding the right DJ for your Wedding

Finding the right DJ is essential to having a great wedding reception, hire the wrong one and it can destroy a special day. A bad DJ can actually turn your reception into a nightmare, so this really is a very important decision and should be made very carefully.

When searching for a party DJ hire, you will likely find quite a few DJs in your area to choose from for your wedding reception. They will range in experience from casual guys who do it as a side gig, to professional wedding and corporate DJ companies and DJ’s that can come equipped with their own light show if that’s what you need.

A really good DJ knows how to work a crowd and entertain your guests. This is such a huge part of the wedding experience. Choosing the right wedding DJ can really make your reception special. DJ’s usually have an extensive library of music so they can take care of almost any requests. Be sure to give them your ‘special song’ that bride and groom can dance to.

Get references – When booking a wedding DJ be sure to ask and verify references. You want someone with a legit positive customer database. The last thing you need for your special day is technical difficulties and delays in sound.

Good personality – Aside from experience, the other most important thing to look for in hiring a DJ is their personality. They really should be someone that will fit in comfortably with you and your guests and be able to engage everyone during the reception. People should feel comfortable with the DJ and he should be someone you feel will go to extra lengths to be friendly and talk nicely with your guests as they will probably be talking to the DJ and asking for requests throughout the whole reception.

Pro equipment – Absolutely the most important thing to look for in choosing your DJ, besides experience, professionalism and the right personality, is their equipment. Ask about the quality and condition of the equipment your DJ will be using and make sure it is professional quality and in good working condition.

Music Library – Check out how your DJ music library, what type of CD’s they are using, and how they will handle requests. A lot of DJ’s will be well organized and even digital so they can look up and play songs quickly and easily. Ask to see how your DJ will find and select songs. What you don’t want is your DJ fumbling through stacks of CD’s or compilation CD’s looking for an important song.

Karaoke Set up – An often popular hit at receptions is karaoke. A DJ that can set up for karaoke is a big plus and your guests will absolutely love it. But here again you need to make sure the DJ has the proper equipment for it.


You will spend several hours talking to your DJ before your wedding day and consulting with them on the specifics of the reception and key details. Just remember if you choose the right DJ they will be very experienced and be able to guide you through the whole process so that you can have the wedding reception of your dreams, one that you will surely remember for a lifetime.

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