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What is the best flooring for a house in Australia? The ideal floor for kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room, and hallways

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It is amazing to consider how far different types of flooring have come over the past few years so there are myriad options for you to choose from. However, this can actually make things more difficult, leaving you unsure which is actually the best choice for your house and all the rooms inside. From solid hardwood to laminate and vinyl, carpets and stone, we will have a look at some of your best bets for each room and some of the reasons why.

What is the best flooring for a house in Australia?

One of the first things to consider is what general flooring would best suit your house in Australia which includes a few different areas. If you decide to go for real hardwood it is usually a better idea to pick a local wood and not one that is imported. Australia has lots of fantastic species to choose from right here and it will save you money as well as being eco-friendlier. 

Speaking of, bamboo is a great choice for anyone who places the environment high on their list, growing and maturing quicker than slow-growing hardwood and therefore presenting a more sustainable option that still looks great.

If you tend to be a little messier or have pets, kids or live somewhere you are likely to trek in wet or muck, it is good to go for a durable and moisture-resistant flooring like vinyl or hybrid which are also easier to clean than carpet and less likely to scratch than wood. Think about your location and lifestyle as well as your own preferences before selecting the flooring for your house.

What is the best flooring for a kitchen in Australia?

Your kitchen is often the heart of the house, where you and your family congregate to cook, wash up and do various other household chores. It is likely to be one of the rooms which can get the messiest with spills and muddy feet and all of the usual little mishaps that come with daily life. It is therefore essential to make sure that your flooring is up to the task. Something hard-wearing, easy to clean, and stain resistant is best for the kitchen with cheaper options like vinyl through to hybrid as a waterproof and durable type being your better choice. 

What is the best flooring for a bathroom in Australia?

Bathrooms are similarly important to choose the right kind of floor for. An overflowing bath or simply the general moisture rich environment can rule out certain types like laminate, which warps when allowed to get too wet. Again hybrid is an excellent choice here as it is waterproof, but vinyl can be great too, and materials that are also easy to mop up like ceramics and stone though, they can also be a little cold. The key thing is to select the flooring you prefer that won’t come to harm and cost you more in replacements over time.

What is the best flooring for bedrooms in Australia?

Bedrooms are a little different from the above-mentioned rooms in that your floor here is less likely to get wet. Some people prefer to have a carpet in their bedroom as it offers warmth and comfort underfoot, though next to this real wood floors can also feel good and look great too. You can buy timber flooring online in all types, colours, and styles to suit your ideal bedroom and enjoy a truly beautiful floor to wake up to each day.

If you think that solid hardwood is a bit pricey or just not what you want, laminate is a cheaper option that still looks fabulous and feels nicer than cheap vinyl or cold stone. Today laminate looks more and more realistic with depth, grain, and colours to mimic whichever wood you most prefer. 

High-quality vinyl can also be nice underfoot, springy and comfy while also looking more real than in the past. It is up to you to decide what your bedroom floor should look like and which type of flooring fits this image and your price range.

What is the best flooring for a living room in Australia?

The floor that best suits your living room very much depends on the kind of living you do in there. Is it a family room with kids and pets that is really lived in, your nicest room that is kept pristine for guests, or anything in between? If you lean towards the former you should again be considering durable and easy mop floors like hybrid and vinyl which don’t stain or let water warp and damage them. 

A proper wood floor lends class and luxury to any room while also being warm and comfortable underfoot and is understandably a popular choice much like laminate as a more affordable but still wood-based product. Some people do still carpet their living rooms, but make sure if you do that you have considered longevity, stain resistance, and wear and tear before you buy.

What is the best flooring for hallways in Australia?

Hallways can be a good place to vary the type of materials you use if you wish, separating a water-resistant hybrid flood in your bathroom, say, from your carpeted living room. Hallways again are often places where you might trek in mud or rain, leave your shoes and umbrellas, and generally get a little messier than other rooms so again we would recommend something that can be easily cleaned and is somewhat moisture resistant. 

There is something striking about a wooden hall, nicely finished, classic, and clean, but again a good quality hybrid flood, vinyl planks, or laminate can also look wonderful without costing an arm and a leg.

Whichever room you are looking to decorate, consider the likely amount of wear, the sort of activities that will take place, and mess that might occur, and think about what kind of flooring will best suit those circumstances. Your own preferences and budget are also important criteria and the main thing is that you get the kind of floors you want at the price you want, so have a look at what is available online today.


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